Back to School

Well, it's that time again. My kiddos headed back to school this morning. It's always exciting and a little bit of an adjustment after a summer of fun. But, I know they will do great.

Both my husband and I are teachers (well I'm not currently), but learning is really important to us. Lonnie is definitely a life-long learner. He always has a couple books that he's reading and they are not all fiction. He's a facts and figures kind of guy. And I feel kind of dead if I'm not pushing myself to learn something new. Learning keeps me feeling young and alive. I'm more of a doer. I want to learn a new skill or technique versus just obtaining information and facts. This blog has been a huge learning curve for me. I can do things on my computer and camera that I never thought I would know how to do. And a lot of my learning definitely happens through trial and error.

I few years ago I took a community college course in Adobe Illustrator to help with my blogging skills. I am far from an expert, and would love to learn more, but I try to play with AI as often as possible so that I don't forget what I learned and hopefully a learn something new. I also have a Bamboo drawing tablet that I got for Christmas the year before last. I don't use it as much as I'd like to, so I decided to take it out this weekend and "play". I thought I'd work on some hand lettering, and this is the end result. It's a little reminder for my kids as they head back to school and frankly for myself. I'm all about this peachy coral color right now (and my sister in law, who faithfully prints of my stuff, loves this color). And I'd be more then happy to share this simple little printable with you.  So, if you'd like a copy of this 8x10" print, just click here for the download.

Here's a couple instagrams from this morning. I have some really great kids you guys. This year I felt strongly that I was supposed to pray two things over them.  1. Confidence and 2. Compassion: I want them to be confident in who they are and I want them to be compassionate and see other's needs.


  1. Love it! I am 100% with you on lifelong learning, my brain just ROTS when I'm not actively learning something new or refreshing old skills.

  2. so pretty ! thanks for sharing ! i posted the link here : http://www.pinterest.com/lemondedis/freebies-subway-art-posters/


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