Science Themed Birthday Party

So, here's how we celebrated my son Dylan hitting the double digits.  For his 10th birthday, our little geek wanted a Science Themed Birthday Party. This was a proud day for his nerdy, Biology teacher dad.  All those years of brain washing final paid off and science is cool.  

I shared some of my science party decor sources last week.  I'm so pleased with how all of this came together.  The yellow and teal color scheme was bright and cheery and played well with the blackboard details and vintage frog dissection chart. 

For the dessert/treat table I had fun making white chocolate Lab Rats, Atomic Pops (oreo truffles), Flask Cookies (that my mom skillfully decorated), candy filled test tubes, and Petri Dish Delights.

And I sewed fun treat bags with the fabulous sciency fabric I had found and filled them with fun nerdy notions.  

This was one of the easiest parties I've thrown in a while.  We didn't have to organize games or keep the kids entertained and out of trouble.  My husband simply kept the kids busy with fun, interactive science experiments.  He had them look at the cheek cells under a microscope, they played "guess the magnified object" under the microscope, they made a classic soda and vinegar volcano, they made their own borax goo, and they even got to participate in a dissection.  

And what's a party without a cake. I like to make my kids classic piped buttercream themed cakes. This year's was super simple, I just made a big flask cake.

And these are my two favorite geeks in the whole world. 


  1. Beautiful party! I know how much work that is to even try and remember everything let alone put it together so perfectly. Good job!

  2. How original and adorable!! I LOVE this!! Science rocks! (Even though I am terrible at understanding it!)

  3. love this. is this too young for my 29 year old post-doc chem son when he is finally finished : ) big fan of all your amazing ideas.

  4. Thank you for sharing this ideas, I think in a couple of years my son would love to have a science party!
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Great Party, Jeran! Would you mind sharing where you bought the flasks, test tubes and racks? What kind of candies did you use in the test tubes?

    Thanks so much!


    1. I got everything from Amazon. And the candies are sixlets, they are the perfect size.

      Some of my link are here:

  6. This party is gorgeous. I love how the teal pops out against the chalkboard. It makes it look technical yet incredibly fun. The desserts look delicious too. Love this decor :-)


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