Geometric Canada Day Bunting

I'm been thinking a lot about my homeland, Canada, lately. My thoughts and prayers are with friends and family in the Calgary, AB area. The recent flooding in Calgary has really made me homesick.

I was born in Alberta and lived there till I was 7 years old (then we moved to Papua New Guinea).  But, Alberta was home, and that's where my Grandparents were and until recently my parents as well. When I graduated from high school in PNG, I moved back to Canada and did my first year of college in Calgary. I love that city and the whole provence of Alberta. And I'm proud of my peace loving, Canadian heritage.  

Since my parents have moved to Northern California, we haven't been North.  It's been 4 years now and I'm really itching to go. Next summer it WILL happen. The plan is to drive Riley up there.

Oh yes, I couldn't help myself, triangles are still alive and well here at O + P. After my geometric heart and then the geometric shamrock, I had no choice a geometric maple leaf was a must. I've put together a FREE printable bunting for July 1st, Canada Day. But, if you'd just like to show some Canadian love, during their time of loss, print it off! When I see it hanging in my house, it's a good reminder for me to pray for those effected by this terrible flooding.  

Click HERE for your free copy of this bunting (there are 3 pdf files).  Simply cut them out and string it up.  

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  1. i love this ! thank you so much ! i shared the link here : http://www.pinterest.com/lemondedis/flags-maps-symbols-freebies/


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