Window Shopping - Ikea 2013

A couple weeks ago, on our way back from my parent's place, we stopped in San Francisco and I got to walk around Ikea.  I hadn't been in a few months, so I was in need of an Ikea fix.  There were lots of "new to me" items that caught my eye.  Here's a round up of of some of my favorites.  

I did bring home a couple of the green velvet pillows for our couch.  The Pantone color of the year is Emerald, so I couldn't resist.  It may look like grey is my favorite color, but it's really green. Every good redhead should love the color green, right?  Grey is just my favorite neutral.  It plays together so nicely with all the colors.

I also bought this fun log tray, it was only $2.99.  I'm starting to think I might have a tray problem, I really love using them and displaying things on them.  Well, maybe it's not really that big of a problem, now that I count them, I really only own six or maybe seven.

And if you follow my instagram (@jeranmcconnel) you might also have seen the bookshelf/picture ledges that I put up in Dylan's room.  Those were of course an Ikea purchase, the Ribba ledges.  I'll post more about those soon, because they were a great solution for storage in a small space.

I really love Ikea.  To prove it, I've been to Ikea in SIX different countries (Canada, US, England, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Australia).  That's pretty good, right?  Are you a fan?  How can you not be when there's meatballs and furniture all in one place?


  1. Boy could I use an IKEA fix! Linda M

  2. love the wing back and the cart.
    and i am thrilled to qualify as a "good red head" due to my love of green ;). i mean, have you SEEN my lemongrass green kitchen aid mixer?! ha!


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