Potted Succulent Gifts

It's that time of year - time to give the wonderful teachers in your child's life something special.  As a teacher myself, (well, I'm not teaching now but have in the past and will again someday) I want to give something that they can actually use and enjoy.  Really, I didn't need another apple themed calendar, #1 Teacher Mug or desk plaque.  Even though, plants are temporary, they bring a lot of enjoyment.  That's why I'm giving the teachers in our lives, succulents this year.  Succulents are so popular right now, and really I see why.  They require very little effort to maintain.  I water mine once every 2 weeks (that's what my local nursery suggested) and it seems to work well.

I decided since it was the holidays, I would add a little sparkle to the terra cotta pots.  I kept it simple and easy with polka dots, because they're always happy and playful.

Here's what you'll need:
Mini terra cotta pots (I got mine at Michaels for 99 cents each)
Glitter (I used Martha's in Florentine Gold, Smoky Quartz, and Yellow Barite)
White craft glue
A sponge stencil brush
A small succulent

Simply apply the glue in polka dots using the stencil brush.  Then sprinkle glitter on the glue dots (do this over a paper plate or container so you can collect and reuse the extra glitter).  Tap the pot a couple times to remove any excess glitter.  Let the glue dry completely.  Then transplant the succulent into your glittered polka dot pot.

I'm a fan of flowers for teachers as well.  Remember my Back to School Bouquets that I gave to the teachers at of beginning of the year?  What are you giving to teachers this year?  I'd love to hear you great ideas.

Oh, and I wanted you to check out another really great way to give succulents.  A Golden Afternoon, potted her succulents in tea cups and saucers - how darling?

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  1. Love them, will totallly copy:)....some future year,( not for my kids teachers...ha) of course Papa being a teacher has had many unusual gifts (all appreciated) but so cute one Mom called me at work the other day to ask for a good idea because she said her 4th grade son talked constantly about getting Mr. McConnel a Christmas gift......Linda M


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