Modern Glitter Dipped Trees

I will admit it.  Sometimes I leave things to the very last moment possible.  It's not really that I am intentionally procrastinating, it's just I'm really busy and the fun stuff has to be pushed aside to make room for all the have to things of life.  So, even though this is just days before Christmas, I'm sharing a little DIY that I made this week.  The truth is, I bought these cardboard cones last year with the intention to make them into trees for Christmas decor and it never happened.  So that I didn't store them unfinished for another year, I made the time to transform them into Modern Glitter Dipped Trees.  I know there are just a couple days left to enjoy them, but next year when I unpack my Christmas stuff, I'll be so pleased that I made these.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm loving clean, modern design so much right now.  These trees really appeal to me.

Here's how I made them.  I simply bought two cardboard cone forms at Michaels.  They were just a couple dollars each. I painted them each white all over for a base coat.  Then using blue painters tape, I taped off the top half of each cone on a diagonal.  Then I brushed on white glue and sprinkle glitter generously (I used Martha's glitter in Smoky Quartz and Hematite)  Let them dry completely and then tap them a couple times to remove any extra glitter.  These are sitting up on my buffet in my dining room. They are a great last minute addition to my holiday decor.

What do you think?  Can you really have too much Christmas decor?  Do you put out EVERYTHING, every year or do you pick a chose for year to year what you display.

Oh, and I came across these lovely Color Block Trees Nicole from Making it Lovely made this week. You should check out her cute pastel and metallic trees. Our trees are quite similar, so all I can say is "Great Minds Think Alike!"

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  1. Pretty, but I can't help thinking they look like colored pencil tips...


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