Poinsettia Napkin Rings

Poinsettias are a classic for Christmas.  When I was a kid, my mom had some felt poinsettia napkin rings that we always used for Christmas dinner.  They were made up of a few pieces of felt, but there was no sewing involved in putting them together.  When I was up at my parent's place a couple weeks ago, I asked her if she still had them.  No, she had thrown them away a few years ago.  So, she sat down and tried to remember how they were made and what they looked like.  We searched the internet high and low and just couldn't find a good pattern.  So, with my moms help, I've put together a pattern for you to follow. All you need is a good pair of scissors, a few pieces of felt and the printable pattern I've made.

I decided to make mine in tonal greys and tans for a more modern look.  They look really quite great with my birch candle holders, owl collection and antlers.

Here's how to make them:

1. Print out the Pattern. Follow the pattern and cut out 4 pieces total.  3 in the flower color and 1 in the leaf color.
2. Cut an X in the center of all the petal and leaf pieces.
3. Place the leaf colored felt on the bottom on the petals.
4. Fold the center petals and ring piece of felt in half.
5. From the top down, push the folded end of the ring through the center of the petals.
6. Fluff and wiggle the poinsettia into the shape you could like it to be.

These poinsettias look pretty great in any color combo.  The red and green are definitely a classic.

I hope you find this helpful and fun low-stress craft.  


  1. I love this! You could use the poinsettias on a lot of different things - tree ornaments, presents. Thank you for sharing!


  2. They look great, love the arrangements and the horns are great! will have to make sure Steve sees it. Linda M

  3. I love the tree ornament-wreath-hair pin idea...so many ideas to choose from...just depending on the colors and what size you cut your pieces out as. I just might have to sign up with you! Thank you for sharing, have a Blessed day from Port Huron, Michigan.


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