Photo Christmas Cards

It's that time of year.  Time to order Christmas cards.  Really, weren't cards totally boring before the invention of photo cards.  I love sending and receiving them.  This year I'm ordering from Minted.  They have fantastic holiday cards to suite any taste and the quality of the paper and options are amazing.  You can even have rounded corners and patterned edges to your cards.

Here's a few of my favorites.  I haven't decided which one I'm going with, but how can I go wrong with these options?

Minted has this really great option that makes choosing the right card for you photo really easy.  The Find it Fast feature allows you to upload an image and then it displays your image in ALL the cards.  Isn't that awesome?  You don't have to select each card one by one and add the image and then decide if it will work.  This feature saved me lots of time.

Are you sending out photo Christmas cards this year?  How many do you send out? This weekend I was discussing with a friend who are the people that really should get a Christmas card.  I really only send cards to close family and friends.  I keep my list pretty short.  How long is your list?  I'm curious.


  1. This year I ordered 100 and that's still probably not enough. Each year I take some off and add on new friends...it just never seems to get below 100 since I started doing it. I feel like these people ARE our close friends and family!! :)

  2. I usually order about 35, family and close friends. I ended up doing New Years cards this time because, I didn't want to pay extra to have them rushed and wouldn't have time to get them there for Christmas if I didn't!

  3. i order the 50 pack from costco- and they come with envelopes and you can get holiday stamps while there too! (plus it is done quick and it's close by!) I send almost all of them out and include a holiday letter update which I have done since we got married and I store them in a binder so you can read and look back over the years at our yearly update and pic.


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