Neon Pink Party

Here it is!  You may want to grab your sunglasses, it's bright.

The inspiration fabric made it's appearance as the table cloth on the dessert table.  I had so much fun setting up and decorating for this party.  My grey dining room walls looked so great with the neon pink.   I used the neon surveyor's tape to make a backdrop of streamers.  I also printed a large number 11 on neon poster board.  It made a great photo backdrop for my beautiful birthday girl.    

The dessert table featured a few of Deanli's favorites.  For the birthday cake, I made a New York style cheesecake and topped with my blackberry curd and fresh whipped cream.  I also made this neon Happy Birthday bunting cake topper using paper clay.  I'll share a step by step of how to do this later this week.  

And I made Concord Grape Marshmallows.  Lately I'm been making a lot of marshmallows, they are really easy to make and a new party favorite. 

The super colorful squares are Trix Treats (like Rice Crispy treats, but made with Trix).  They are really pretty yummy.  My personal favorite was the Chocoholic Push Pops.  My mom got me a set of these push pops and a cook book to go with them for my birthday this summer.  These are great to make for parties because they can be made a couple days ahead and then just stored in the fridge.   I made a little stand for them by drilling holes in a piece of wood and then just painting it white.  I little washi tape around the push pops kept them in the color palette.  

Paper straws got a quick neon touch with little neon pink washi tape flag.  And glass milk bottles got a length of mason's string (that I used on the invites)  tied around the neck for a little pop of color.

I kept the goody bags simple.  White paper bag got a simple neon circle attached to the front.

We had fun roller skating and we were totally hungry for dessert when we got back.  It was a great party!


  1. Wow...looks yumm and amazing and what a gorgeous young lady....when did all of that happen....by the way you have inspired me to be more aware of Thanksgiving....I am so thankful for you and Lon, Dyl, Nal and Liv....every day and always you Bless our Hearts!! Linda M (GMA)

  2. Thanks for the awesome inspiration! My daughters 11th birthday is in a month so I may be trying some of your tips ; )


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