Neon Party Invites

I wanted to share the invites I made for Denali's neon party.  I have been pinning a lot of Neon and Neutral combinations.  And as you know I LOVE grey.  Neon pink and grey actually look so fantastic together.

I came across a grand opening invite done by Mint 102 that had a length of neon string wrapped around the center of it.  I also loved Mint 102's layout and use of different fonts.  So,  I made my own version using some of my favorite fonts (Hominis, Rosewood Std, Homestead, Learning Curve, and good old Helvetica).  I printed the 5 x 7" invites on grey card stock and then simply wrapped my mason's twine around them a couple times. 

I think invitations are quite important.  They set the mood for the party and give guests an idea of what is to come.  With my limited Adobe Illustrator skills, I've had fun creating my own designs.  But, I've also made invites with cute scrapbooking paper and rubber stamps and used inexpensive companies such as Shutterfly to create custom ones.  Do you think the invitation is important?


  1. Glad to inspire! They look lovely!

  2. @Angela Yeah! Thanks for visiting. And thanks for the inspiration. Everything that Mint102 does is so lovely. The touch of neon with the string is brilliant.

  3. I love these!!! I make all of our invites too. They're so much fun & easy to make. And not to mention inexpensive. Very nice job : )


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