Foxy Finds

Are you loving Foxes?  Cause they are everywhere!  I'm a sucker for a cute woodland animal, you know I love owls.  I found a great Pinterest board called all the owls have been eaten by foxes and I've been pinning them on my Foxy Finds Board.  The fox is definitely trendy.  Trends are fun, they give you something new to hunt for.  And they make me want to figure out how I can put my own personal spin on the trend.  How do you feel about trends?

Here's a few cute foxy finds that I've found browsing the world wide web.

Fox Screen Print // Fox Sweater // Tea Pot       


  1. These finds are so cute! I just wanted to say that I found you on the Blog Brunch map because I noticed you are located in Bakersfield. That's my hometown (although I now live in NYC) and it's so nice to find out that there are other bloggers there! :)

  2. Very cool! Why foxes? Are they a trend you're seeing


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