Monthly Baby Pictures for 1st Birthday Party Decorations

Every month I have taken a picture of Olivia in this black polka dot shirt in my green leather chair.  It's been fun to see how she has grown and changed.  I decided to use the pictures as part of the party decorations for her first birthday party.  I simply strung up a piece of yarn on my mantel and clipped the pictures to it with mini wooden clothes pins.  I think the party guests really enjoyed this.   The green chair worked well with my party decorations, but the pictures could easily be all printed in black and white to go with any party color scheme.

I started with her screaming newborn picture and ended with her one year picture where she's standing pulling the books off the bookshelf.

I actually bought the shirt in 3 sizes so that I could have to same look for all the pictures.  I wasn't very consistent with the position of the camera or angle, but I'm ok with that.  I can still see her growth and remember all the stages.  I'll put them in a little album now or maybe even make a little slide show out of them all.

I wish I would have done this for my other kids as well.  I'm so glad I have this collection.  What are some of the special things you have done or will do at your children's birthday parties?  


  1. That is such a grea idea! I'd love to see all of them! You could do a motion picture movie of them to watch her grow and change! X


  2. Oh how adorable....can't wait to see her ...Gma M


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