Metamorphosis Halloween Costumes

Well, last year we had to come up with 3 Halloween costumes that would go together.  Pairs are much easier.  So, my kids went as metamorphosis.  I've told you before that I'm married to a Science nerd.  Lonnie is a biology teacher, so this one was all his idea.  Denali went as a butterfly, Dyl was the chrysalis, and Olivia was a caterpillar.  We thought it was a pretty clever trio.  

The chrysalis costume was the easiest.  I tea stained a couple yards of unbleached cotton fabric and a yard of gauze like fabric and then tore it into 4 inch strips.  I actually sewed the stripes to his pants and t-shirt.  I penciled on his face some more strips and we baby powdered his hair and face.  

Denali's costume was a bit more time consuming.  I followed Martha Stewart's Butterfly Wing Pattern to make her wings.  It was actually a couple days of sewing, but I really think they turned out beautiful. We decided to make our own species of butterfly.  This butterfly comes from Papua New Guinea it's the Graphium Weiskei (we have a framed one like this).  Since that's where Denali was born and I grew up, it had some significance to us.

We obviously had some fun with the makeup.  Denali flipped out we a showed her the fake eyelashes.  She sure is one beautiful girl.    

Olivia's caterpillar costume was made by her aunt.  Auntie Jacq did an amazing job making this super cute Hungry Caterpillar costume.  It was perfect for a 1 month old.  She stayed warm and cozy in it all night.

You can see more of our Halloween costumes by clicking the links below.


  1. coulen't be cuter GMA M

  2. Your kids look so cute in those costumes. What adult costumes did you guys slip into?

  3. Denali looks gorgeous because of those cute false eyelashes. It really suits the design of her costume.


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