Chalkboard Rocks for Halloween

I love it when I make something that I actually use over and over.  I made these Chalkboard Rocks a really long time ago.  I used them for Thanksgiving decor and even place cards.  They really are one of the simplest things ever, but they continue to be one of my more popular posts of all time.

I've written cute Halloween messages and images on them now.  This time I used a chalk pen, which gives fantastic, clean, crisp results (see sources below).  I filled a large mason jar with the rocks to decorate my tabletop.

I little natural twine around the top of the jar adds the finishing touch.  My kids will have fun drawing and writing on these rocks as well.

I had a hard time finding a white chalk pen at local craft stores, so I've listed to great sources for them below.


  1. What a great idea! I like how you used them for Thanksgiving too. Such a simple idea with some many uses! Time to look for the perfect rocks!

  2. Tracy, I hope you don't live in Alabama because there are no perfect rocks there...unless you buy them! Go up to Michigan along the lake shore, there are some beautiful rocks there.


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