Yarn Wrapped Birthday Number

I'm still having fun putting together Olivia's first Birthday Party.  The party is less the 2 weeks away, so I'm making lists and trying to check off at least one thing everyday.  After making all the pompom for the Pompom Bunting, I still had some yarn left over.  So I decided to make this yarn wrapped 1.  It was easy to make and I think it will look cute somewhere on the day of the party.  Maybe I'll put it on the dessert table or the front door, not sure yet.  

I simply printed out a large number one.  I chose the font Verdana because it has a great classic number one shape.  Then I cut two number ones out of card board using an exacto knife and straight edge.  Then I taped the two pieces of cardboard together.  

Next I started wrapping the yarn around the number.  I went all one direction first and then the other direction next to cover all sides.  On the final wrap, I placed a little dot of hot glue on the corners to keep then yarn in place there.  And, as you can see, I wrapped the last layer in a kind of hap hazard manor to give it more of the homemade feel.  But, it would look great wrapped perfectly even and straight as well.  

To finish it off, I made a few rosettes and leaves with felt.  These are the rosettes are showed how to make in my Yarn Wrapped Wreath DIY video

It could be cute to do the birthday child's initials as well for a party.  Don't you just love custom decor that costs pennies? 


  1. So pretty! She must be one happy little lady! :)

  2. This is darling! :) I've made a few yarn wrapped wreaths for different holidays and themes...I love the idea of the numbers...super cute! :)


  3. What a great idea, so dang cute. Emma.

  4. Love it! I just made one with beige and brown yarn for my daughter's 1st birthday (also on 9/29) and I affixed to it two tiny roses that her great-grandmother crocheted. What a great idea. Thanks, and I hope your party is great!


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