Fabric Balls for Baby

I've made these fabric beach ball a couple times now.  I made them for my Idaho nephew and my San Diego nephew.  I've been meaning to make these for Olivia since she was born.  They are perfect for babies to play with.  They're soft, light and easy to hold onto.  I had saved scraps from you quilt for this very purpose. And finally this week I got around to making them.  She has been enjoying them.  We have a really long hallway, so I such all the bedroom doors and she loves scooting up and down the hall after them.  

I used the pattern from Purl Bee for these.  It's super easy to follow.

And I got some exciting news this morning, my San Diego nephew just got a baby sister this morning.  I'm so excited to meet her.  Of course, we were just in SD this weekend for his 2nd Birthday, she had to come the day after we left.  I'm itching to get down there and meet her.  Maybe I should make her some pink, girlie fabric balls too.  Congratulations Josh and Jacq, she is a lucky baby to have you as parents.


  1. That is such a cute present! I love the idea! You could also fill them with sand to make cute door stops! x



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