Our Little Scooter

I thought I should better explain why we are having a Scooter Themed Party for Olivia.  This video shows why.  I've said that she doesn't crawl, she hasn't ever even tried to.  She scoots on are butt and propels herself forward with her arm.  She kind of looks like a monkey or a baby ape.  She's fast when she scoots, so she sees no need to try any other method.

This is her birthday present.  She just had to have this adorable rocking pink scooter.

Scooter from Jeran McConnel on Vimeo.


  1. that was our nickname for Jessica- she didn't scoot on her bottom but on her tummy- never really crawled! Olivia is adorable! Love the pink scooter rocker! Donita


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