Thrifting Thursday: Vintage Globe Bank

This find was given to my husband right away.  He has had a thing for globes for a long time.  It works out well for me.  He is happy to visit antique stores and flea markets with me, because he can hunt out globes, atlases and maps for his collection.

I found this little guy the same time I found my Bay Blanket.  This little globe doubles as a piggy bank.  It's a metal bank with just the right amount of rust and scratches.  I love the faux wood painted base on it.  We need to find a new stopper for it, but Lonnie plans to put his change in it at the end of the day.  From my quick look at the political lines, the globe is from the 60's, but Lon will have to look into it more.  He can date them a lot better then I can.

Here's a tip for antiquing or thrifting: When buying more then one item, offer to pay a combined lower price. For example, they wanted $15 for the blanket and $15 for the globe.  So, I asked if they would take $20 for both items.  And they accepted my offer.  They want to move inventory, so group your purchases and you'll save.  

Do you have any great tips for getting a lower price then the asking price?

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