Back to School Bouquets

Well, the kids are definitely back in school.  We are starting to get into a bit of a routine.  I like to start the year off with a gift for my kid's teachers.  It's simple Math - Happy Teacher = Happy Students!  Last year I made fresh Apple Scones for the teachers and the year before, I made reuseable coffee cup sleeves.  

This year I thought a flower bouquet would brighten their day.  These we easy to make and really didn't cost too much.  

Pencils (about 32)
Crayons (about 25)
An empty baby food jar
An empty Starbucks Frappacino Bottle
2 rubber bands

For the pencil vase, I wrapped an empty frappacino bottle with an elastic band and the inserted the pencils all the same direction.  And for the crayon vase I just used an empty baby food jar.  Then I simply tied a cute ribbon around the rubber band to hide it and then filled them with flowers.

Are your back into a routine with the start of school?  Is that routine welcomed or are you longing for more summer?

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  1. What a lovely idea! So vivid and simple. Really cheers up before the school. :)

  2. This is SOOOO easy and sweet! My mother in law is a school principal and I know she would love these!

    Nook & Sea

  3. That's such a great idea! When I tried it I hot glued the pencils and crayons to the vase for extra security.

  4. cute! might have to make one for my desk!!

  5. These are a super cute idea, but my husband thinks it would look like we're suckin up to the teacher :/ my daughter goes to private school and last year her teacher was HORRID! But she just met her new teacher and really liked her, so why not give a gift saying thank u for not being horrid like last years teacher... Not that we'd put that in a card or anything ;)
    Does anyone think this is sucking up?? Thanks for the idea tho!

  6. My husband and I are both teachers. We love "sucking up". It's nice to be appreciated, teachers don't get much of that. You will be doing your child a favor by showering their teacher with gifts. If the teacher feels loved and appreciated, their students well feel the benefits as well. Happy Teacher = Happy Students!


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