Ireland: Day 3 (Giant's Causeway)

Located on one of the most Northern points of Ireland, The Giant's Causeway was a highlight of our trip. These coastal rock formations are both beautiful and fascinating.  Created by either volcanic heating and cooling or by Finn MacCool throwing stones into the ocean so that he could get to a Scottish giant that was taunting him.

We had a lot of fun climbing around on these geometric pillars of rock.  Can you believe the sunshine?  We were so blessed to have a rain-free day for our time at the Causeway.

Definitely a MUST-SEE if you visit Ireland.


  1. I would love to go there someday! Great pics! Donita

  2. Can't wait to go to Ireland some day with an experienced travel guide of course :) Love the pics! Linda M

  3. a baby and hiking on the rocks- you are braver than I am! :)


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