Ireland: Day 2 (Newgrange and Armagh)

I started my second day in Ireland with this lovely cappuccino before we took a tour of Newgrange (move over Starbucks). This is a huge prehistoric stone tomb (80 meters in diameter and 13 meters high).  It is more then 1000 years older then Stone Henge and is older then the pyramids.  It's original purpose is not know, but it is believed to have been a burial place and the builders made the passage way in such an accurate way that at the winter solstice the light shines directly down the tunnel into the center chamber.  It was an extremely windy and cold day, so we were happy to go inside and have a tour of the domes chamber.

We spent the night in Armagh.  Well, actually in a beautiful 1700's farmhouse just outside of the city.  The kids even got to bottle feed two lambs.

We had to stop at this adorable country store just down the road from the farmhouse.  It was so picturesque with it's red phone booth and mail box and beautiful spring flowers everywhere.


  1. Boy I have the cutest grandkids and daughter in laws too! Can't wait to see you all this weekend. Linda M

  2. I think the bigger pic on the top with the 4 little pics under it could be printed exactly like that and framed! nice grouping of pics!


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