I'm really digging all the triangle patterns out there.  I love how Oh Hello Friend is using triangles in her blog design and they keep popping up all over the place.  I want to use this graphic design element somewhere.  I'm sure it will show up in my Monthly Memory Verses, but I kind of want to go big with it somewhere in my home.  Here's some images that are inspiring me.

Etsy canvas via Ann Hoglund on Pinterest. (no longer available)
love this

ZNAK Mosaic Wall

Triangles Cards Set of 4 - Geometric Patterns, Greeting

AlicePotter Illustration
Winter Stripe Chevron and Triangle Illustration 8x11 Print

I found these great geometric triangle pattern downloads last year, and still haven't used them.

How do you feel about triangles?  Are they just way too out there for you or are you ready to step out of the Potterybarn Catalogue and try something fresh and new?



  1. I found your blog via Hellocotton and just thought I would say hello :)

    I absolutely LOVE that triangle wallpaper!! Thanks for posting.

  2. I love triangles, too! Thanks so much for including my eco-friendly cards in this beautiful collection. :)

  3. I LOVE triangles! The pastel colours are awesome. Just found your blog :)
    xo Emilie


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