Manly Quilts

So, my dad's birthday is rapidly approaching and really don't know what to get him.  Dad's are hard to buy for, actually men in general are difficult buy gifts for.  Girls like things that are just cute.  You can't give I guy something and say, "I just thought it was so cute, so I got it for you".  Especially if you have a manly dad like I do.

So, I've made a quilt for all three of my brothers.  Joash's quilt has retro fabric, Joel's is modern and clean, and Josh's is a masculine grey log cabin.  So, I think it's time I made my dad a quilt (shhhhh, don't tell him).  I'm becoming an expert at making quilts for men.  It's a lot harder to find fabrics that appeal to men.  A lot of quilting cottons have flowers, and I don't think that screams manly.

So, here's the fabrics I've picked out so far for Dad's quilt.  I'm loving navy blue lately and how can you not love it with green.  Now for a quilt design or pattern.  Any ideas friends?  I'm open for suggestions.  I'm also working on a quilt for my new nephew/niece, It's going to be a chevron pattern.   Maybe something in stripes?

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