DIY Spring Wreath

Instruction now available on youtube, click here.

How about some flowers that don't wither or die?  I made this wreath yesterday in no time at all.  I didn't even make a trip to the fabric or craft store.  I just used scraps of fabric, burlap and felt that I had around the house.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I mentioned on facebook last week that I wanted to host a crafting/DIY workshop. The idea is that I would have all or most of the supplies ready, and you could just come and make something fun, cute, or useful. Maybe I can help teach you a new skill or technique.  So, how about we make this Spring Wreath.  In an hour or so, depends on how much chatting and eating we do, you could leave with a cute wreath like this one (or in any color or season you wish).  

So, if you live locally (Bakersfield, CA), are you interested?  Is this something you would like to make?  Leave me a comment.  I want you input.  Would a Saturday morning be good, or would you prefer an weekday evening?  I want to host this first event this coming week.  So tell your friends and "Like" my facebook page  to find out the time and day.    

And if you don't live near by, don't worry, I'll post instructions after the diy workshop on the blog.
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Would you like a youtube video with instructions?  Or are photos what you prefer?  Leave me a comment, I want your input.

Instruction now available on youtube, click here.  Or if you would rather just buy one, check out my etsy shop.


  1. I'm in! That sounds super fun... and I would love to have a cute piece of spring for my front door!

  2. I'm in too! Weeknights work best for me. So cute. Julia

  3. Count me in - the wreath is gorgeous Jeran and maybe we could all bring a plate of food? Just a thought. I'll ask my neighbor if she wants to come, she is very crafty.

  4. Dang it - the above post is from Emma.

  5. Sounds fun! I'm not local, but look forward to the instructions after you have your workshop!

  6. beautiful wreath!.
    photos are much better. cause you can easily enough go through each step carefully with a photo to reference and detailed description to follow.

  7. Youtube vid on how to yarn-wrap a wreath and make cloth roses would be great! Pics would work too.

  8. I just made the wreath this weekend and it was awesome! I watched your YouTube Video (probably 50 times for the flowers!!) and I have to say it was incredibly easy! I'm not very good at stuff like this, but you made it so easy!! LOVE it! Thank you so much!!!!

  9. @Dusti Rae Awesome! I'm glad you made one. Please share a picture on Oleander and Palm's Facebook page. I'd love to see it.

  10. Hey there! i made a wreath and posted pics of it on my blog! Thanks for the great tutorial video on how to make the flowers! Here's the link:


    Thanks again!

  11. I love, love, LOVE the color combinations in this wreath. I finished my first yarn wrapped wreath from a tutorial in Better Homes and Gardens and have been looking for other inspirations ever since. I am new to blogging, so I don't know all of the etiquette... but I linked you to my new blog at http://www.quippymyflippygetsdomestic.blogspot.ca/?m=1).

  12. This is gorgeous and and the video is awesome! I actually just included it on a spring wreath roundup on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yay, glad you like it. And thanks for sharing my wreath.


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