Happy New Year!

Well, 2012 is here!  Where did the year go?  It's been a busy year.  My biggest accomplishment is Olivia - in 2011 I made a baby!  This year will be filled with many firsts for her.  Babies grow and change so much in their first year of life, it's amazing.  I'm excited for this year with Olivia but,  I'm sure it's going to go to by way too fast.

I'm making a few New Years resolutions.  By posting these here, I'm hoping to stick to them and not give up 6 months in.  They are not all resolutions, some are just things I want to accomplish (it's really just a 2012 to do list). Here's my list:

1.  Read my Bible EVERYDAY!  (no excuses)
2.  Lose the baby weight or at least get into my old jeans (slightly overwhelming, I'm working on an action plan).
3.  Learn how to use Photoshop and do more with Adobe Illustrator  (maybe even take a class and continue what I started just over a year ago.)
4.  Improve my blog.
5.  Take more pictures and make more photo books of my family.
6.  Have more adventures with Riley.
7.  Complete some house projects (paint the outside of the garage, paint the kids bathroom and possible   tear out the shower, complete the laundry room, and put in some kind of semi-custom storage in all our tiny closets).
8.  Open an Etsy shop.
9.  Date more (go out with my husband, sans children, at least twice a month).
10.  Quit Smoking!  (this one is easy because I don't smoke, but now I can feel good about accomplishing one of my resolutions)

My Sweet Babies
What resolutions or goals are you making this year?


  1. sheesh! i only made 4 resolutions and i thought that was a lot. you never do anything by halves do you?

  2. Oh is the New Year here already, I guess I'd better get with it! What a joyous holiday to have my beautiful kids/grandkids with us for Christmas.....Grandma Linda:)

  3. I have a couple that are similar. I want to read through the Bible this year and I want to take better care of my health (eat better and get more exercise). And I want to do more sewing- 2 I Spy play quilts for my sister's 2 grandchildren and a Hawaii postcard quilt for the daybed.
    It was so great to see you and your beautiful family! Donita


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