Washcloth Bunnies

This is a craft my mom made when I was a kid.  It's an oldie but a goodie.  I've made these with my first grade class and for baby showers.  But, they are super cute sitting in my bathroom now for Easter.

The supplies are simple:

1 washcloth (Target RE brand, they have the least amount of details on the cloth)
2 google eyes
1 large white pompom
1 small pink pompom
1 hair elastic
Egg shaped soap (Cost Plus World Market)

Start with the cloth folded into a triangle, with the bottom half hanging out just a little more.

Roll the cloth starting at the wider end.

Fold the rolled cloth in half.

Fold up the pointed ends of the cloth and secure the ears and face by putting an elastic around the neck area.  Tie a ribbon around the neck to hide the elastic.  Glue on the eyes, nose and tail.  Sit the egg shaped soap into the body of the bunny.

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