Perfectly Straight Paint Lines!

I promised to share my secret to achieving flawlessly straight lines. When I recently painted a chalk board band around my sons room, I used this technique.
So, the first thing you are going to do is paint the color the will be on the majority of the wall.  Let that dry and then tape off where you want the chalk board paint or accent color.  I use a level to tape, it's fast and leaves no pencil marks on the wall.  Then you are going to paint the wall color over the side of the tape where you are going to paint the chalk board.  What happens is, the tape is not a perfect seal, so by painting the color that is already on the wall, you won't see the seeping through paint.
Once that is dry, you now have a perfect seal.  Paint the chalk board or accent color onto the taped off section.  Let the the chalk board paint dry to touch at least.
Then, just peal back the tape to reveal perfect lines.  It's my never fail method.  Do you have another method that works well?  Please share.

These are my cute little helpers.  I did the cutting in and they did most of the rolling.

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