Grey Tonal Quilt

This is my next big project.  I have been hunting down grey fabrics for a quilt.  Grey is such a popular color in design right now, but for some reason there is hardly any grey cotton fabrics out there.  I've been to four fabric stores in the past 2 days.  Here's what I have found.

My plan is to make a classic Log Cabin quilt.  By choosing fabrics in the same tone and in a contemporary color scheme, I am hoping to give the quilt a modern and masculine feel.

The January issue of Martha Stewart Living featured an article on Log Cabin Quilt design being used in in updated ways.  The silk squares and the seersucker baby blanket were two of my favorite ideas.  This is actually my first time making a whole quilt in the Log Cabin design.  I have made pot holders using this pattern though.  Have you made a quilt using the Log Cabin pattern?  Please share.


  1. I LOVE log cabin design... it is really quick and simple. Both my Christmas and Fall quilts are log cabin. I also made my sil a log cabin quilt with whales swimming across. Loved the flexibility of the large inner patch as well as the ease of cutting/piecing... things don't have to line up super perfectly as the corners are all different!
    Good choice!

  2. Cant wait to see the completed quilt! I love the fabrics you chose. I made 2 twin-size log cabins when we lived in San Diego. It was part of a quilt class project at Mission Valley Nazarene. All the quilts were donated to a women's shelter. I have a small log cabin Christmas tree quilt that I hang on the wall in Dec.
    I am hoping to make a quilt this summer- Hawaii postcards.


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