Chalkboard Rocks

I'll admit, I did steal this idea.  In a Potterybarn catalog I got before Halloween, they had a jar of rocks painted with chalkboard paint.  The rocks had cute Halloween themed messages on them like "spooky", "Boo",  and "creepy".

My rocks are for Thanksgiving.  I wanted to write down things I was thankful for.  And I will have my kids write on some too.  Sometimes I need to force myself to be thankful.  Not because I don't have anything to be thankful for, because I am really truly blessed, but sometimes I need a reminder.  I've also used them as place cards at the the dinner table as well.

I collected these rocks when I was at the beach in San Diego last weekend.  I washed them and then painted them with black chalkboard paint that you can get at the hardware store.
I think these rocks will have Christmas themed words on them very soon.

So, I've been trying this blogging deal for almost 6 months now.  I am quickly approaching 100 posts (I can't believe it).  I am enjoying sharing with you, but I'm not sure who "you" are.   I guess I need some feedback, or I just need to know if anyone is still reading.  Should I continue blogging is what I'm asking myself.  I have a request, if you are a regular reader, would you please sign up to "follow" my blog or leave me a comment once in a while.  I want to write about things you are interested in, but lately I'm not sure if anyone is even reading or interested.  It's not that I would stop making, cooking, and sewing things, it's just that I might not take the time to blog about it if no one is reading.   I know I'm needy,  I'm just trying to reflect a bit and see if this is where I should be investing time.  Oh, and thanks to my faithful readers, you know who you are (mostly my family).  Love to you all.

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  1. So I follow your blog daily... or whenever you post and have even tried a few of your recipes and crafty things every once in a while. I consider myself a very crafty person and love getting inspiration from other crafters. Thanks for the BLOG and PLEASE KEEP it up! You are a daily encouragement to me at my job as I read your blog during my lunch break!
    ~Amanda~ PS - I am Jessica McConnels cousin and started following you thru her blog.

  2. Jeran I LOVE your blog!! Obviously I'm not good at posting comments....BUT, I've told many people about your blog! My mom and I have tried most of your recipes and LOVE them! The tuscan chicken sandwiches are AMAZING! I had a lot of fun making the focaccia bread...I couldn't believe how easy and delicious it was!! The green chicken enchilada soup was yummy...I served it over jasmine rice and LOVED it! I can't believe you just threw that together! I'll definitely make these again! PLEASE keep up your blog...I check it daily and I'm always excited to see new posts!
    Oh, and Mom and I made glitter leaves and we have pumpkins to paint silver to make our Thanksgiving centerpieces! Your pictures and step by step instructions are wonderful and easy to follow. I'm planning to attempt roman shades for my bedroom. I'll let you know how it goes!
    I hope all your other non-commenting readers will take the time to post a comment to encourage you to keep the creativity coming!!
    Janell - A faithful follower! :D

  3. Jeran, thanks for sharing your creativity and fun - like everyone else, I look forward to your posts. Keep it up!


  4. I sometimes feel like a blog stalker so I don't comment on peoples blogs, but I came across your blog thru Jess (I teach with her), and it is great! I am NOT crafty and would much rather pay you to make all those cutesy crafty things for me, but maybe one day I will get motivated. I made the Soup and ate the leftovers for lunch the last 3 days- YUMMY!, and I made pumpkin waffles for a family dinner, also yummy! (they are good dipped in applesauce too- less messy for my 2year old!) Something I recently was going to try was mod podge on canvas or a pict. frame, maybe you can do it and blog about it first and then I will follow! :) Thanks for writing and posting! -Kristin

  5. i love your blog and you are my hero. i love the step by step pics too. haven't tried to do any of the projects yet but am saving up the ideas!!!!

  6. These rocks are adorable!!!! I love them. What a great craft project. Another faithful follower. -H

  7. I feel the same way... haven't posted since Halloween. Saw your rocks on Tip Junkie, love your beautiful photographs, too! Will go check out your site! It sounds like you are well loved, so don't get discouraged!

  8. PS Would you believe we don't have rocks here in Williamsburg VA? I grew up on the Pacific Coast. It was hard to garden with all the rocks. Here we just have clay!

  9. What a great idea! These turned out perfect and what a neat and unique look. Would you mind sharing this on my blog? http://www.toysinthedryer.com/2011/11/introducing-fun-stuff-fridays.html
    I'd love for my readers to see this great idea.

  10. I have been going through a rough patch and when i saw these i kind of got to thinking. Insted of just writing random words I could write things such as "You're beautiful" or "Believe in Yourself." I am so glad I came across this little craft. Feel free to take my idea and whenever you have a down day just draw a stone from the jar or bowl :)

  11. I love reading your blog especially your diy projects. I have tried your spring wreath with a few changes (used twine instead of wool). Please keep blogging.

  12. Love your blog! Please keep blogging! You have great ideas. I love this one especially, for the rocks! Thank you.

  13. Jeran:
    I love your posts! You can take something so simple and make it look so fun and classy --
    Thanks again for sharing your crafting ideas.
    Cherie Miller


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