Black Fireplaces

A couple years ago I painted our fireplace white in our living room, even the inside of it. We used to have a little wood pellet stove, but when it died, we decided not to replace it.  I wanted to make the space feel light and bright. Now, with my new found love of black, I wonder how the space would feel painted in this dramatic way.

I'm working with a local client. Their fireplace and mantel is currently a creamy white color and is very traditional. I'd love to use a charcoal, navy or black paint to give the fireplace a more modern, unexpected look.  

Here's a few examples of that look pretty great. 

In small doses, black can be a show stopper. I'm not ready to cover a whole wall, but a little splash of black here and there feels a bit like wearing a black tie, put-together and buttoned up.

What do you think? Black or charcoal grey feels pretty safe and neutral. What about a dark navy or denim blue, to risky? I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. I am LOVING this look! I feel like we are on precisely the same wave length lately on the whole black thing. I am seriously considering a black mantle in the new house now.

    1. Do it!!!!!! I might have had my fill on bright and white. I need a little black to balance it all. I'm excited to see your new place.


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