Black Cabinets

My obsession with black continues. Yes, I love it on exteriors and in entryways, and now I'm considering it for cabinets in my laundry room. When we renovated our kitchen, we took over the old laundry room space and then added on a new laundry room to the back of the house.  But, almost 6 years later, we still haven't finished this room. The washer and dryer are of course hooked up and working, but there is just a temporary cabinet in there (that has one door broken off) and plumbing for a sink that doesn't exist yet.  

Every year I say, "this is the year we finally finish the laundry room", and then every year it just doesn't happen. Not in 2016, I'm determined. Last weekend I even made a trip to IKEA to look at cabinets and start laying out this tiny space. I really just want a couple cabinets for vacuums, mops and cleaning supplies, a sink and hopefully a place to set up my sewing machine. Since this is such a small space, I'd love to try something dramatic like black cabinet doors.  Here's a few examples of black cabinets done right. 

I'm considering the Tingsryd cabinet doors from IKEA.  They are super economical and I think they have that modern shape I'm looking for. And for hardware, I think I have no choice but to do some brass or gold nobs or pulls. What do you think?


  1. We're considering the exact same ones for our laundry room/butler's pantry. I just think the look of black cabinets and marble is so timeless. Seriously, can it ever be wrong? And yes to the brass hardware!

  2. When we [hopefully] get the house and [eventually] redo the kitchen, I am definitely thinking black cabinets! Probably with butcher block counters because they're kind of my favorite at the moment (especially paired with black) and I love all the $$$ they save you. ;-)

  3. This is very nice cabinet. I like black than white or brown


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