Black Exteriors

Does anyone want to buy a cabin in the woods and I'll design and decorate it for you? I love the idea of a simple weekend home that is minimally decorated and has a dramatic black exterior.  I can't get enough of these black exteriors.  I love this bold choice of color for staining wood siding or even painting brick.  It feels modern and a bit of risky choice, which I love! 

Like the dramatic Black Entryways I found, how do you feel about this strong color choice? 


  1. I love these black exteriors! Heart eyes. One thing I've thought about with homes like this is that I love how they look against the tall green trees and foliage. I think that a new build home like these in black in the middle of a totally treeless lot wouldn't have the same stunning effect. Just goes to prove that green is one of the best colors I guess! :)

  2. You are absolutely right! This strong black needs a lot of green to soften it. Green and black is a great combo!

  3. I love black exteriors. Our friends in San Francisco painted their Victorian black and it looks amazing!

    1. Oooh I love this!!! I'd love to see a pic. My parents have a 100 year old Victorian in Nor Cal. It's grey now, but it could look really sharp painted black.


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