The Week's End

Yay, last night a finally finished my kid's costumes for Halloween.  I'm headed to LA today with Olivia and a friend.  We just need a change of scenery and I need a few things at IKEA (always).  I'm hoping their Christmas decor is out - gotta get me some of that fun Swedish stuff.

This week has been a little strange.  I'm extremely exhausted, and kind of feel like I'm just about to get sick.  I just want to curl up on the couch and nap, but there isn't any time to.  I think I've just had too many things on my plate lately. I'm hoping this week I can slow down a bit.  So, I apologize for the lack of posts this week.  I had big plans, but just not enough hours in the day. Part of my problem right now is dealing with a High Schooler, Jr. Higher and Preschooler. Their schedules are all over the place and I can't keep on top of their activities and the places they have to be. Right now, my mom role is taking all my daylight hours. Can you relate?

I hope you have a great Halloween! And if you are going to through a little Halloween get to together, you might want to check out these ideas from some of my favorite bloggers:

This clever Halloween Candy Bark is sure to be a hit.

This Creepy Cocktail sure looks fun.

Need a festive photo backdrop, this Pumpkin Balloon Backdrop is absolutely adorable.

These little printable treat bags are a fun way to package up all that cute Halloween candy.

And what's a party without a garland, this jack o lantern balloon garland will make any space feel like an instant party!

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  1. Being a mama is no small task and then add on being a mama blogger and we all just want to curl up a little bit from time to time! Hope you can catch up a bit this weekend... I've been running around with my head cut off, too... so I can relate. ;)


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