Green Tile

About 6 years ago, when we remodeled our kitchen. I was dead set on a green tiled backsplash. And I got it!!!! We couldn't afford to take the tile all the way up to the upper cabinets, but someday, I'd love to. 

Sometimes I wonder if I should have been little more boring and gone with a simple, more neutral color. But, I haven't tired of the green yet. And now I'm seeing more and more of it everywhere. Green has always been my go-to color, so it always feels on-trend for me. This week, when I saw Justina's kitchen (of the Jungalow), I DIED!!! Such a gorgeous, organic, and comfortable space.  I want more copper do-dads in my kitchen.  

Here's a few more spaces with gorgeous green tile done right.  I'm pretty sure you'll be scheming a room to retile after you see this inspiration.

What's your go-to color? Are you afraid of a color trend in something as permanent as tile?


  1. Sources for these beautiful tiles, PLEASE!

    1. Just click the link below each image for the sources.


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