Pale Pink Chair

There were quite a few things I learned from my reader survey that surprised me.  One things you wanted more of was a look behind-the-scenes and more of the studio.  So, here's a little look at Olivia's space in the studio.

This year, Olivia goes to pre-school 1 to 2 days a week. She's a really social kid and loves being with friends so I'm glad she can go now and then. But, when she's not at school, she's my side kick. She loves going to the studio. I have a little table and chair for her and she has a whole drawer full of paper, markers, scissors, glue, paint, and tape. She can spend hours making stuff. Don't get me wrong, she also makes a lot of messes in the process. But, I'm thankful she's happy to be "working" with me. Yesterday she even lined up her crafts on the floor and asked for the phone so that she could take some pictures. Maybe she needs her on IG account, it could be entertaining.

I have two of these little chairs, I bought them at a thrift store when Denali was a baby.  They were sage green with little red seat cushions the first time I gave them a makeover.  Then when Denali was about 4 or 5, I painted them bright pink (seen here).  And now they are the perfect pale shade of pink. And the best part is that the name of this Sherwin Williams color is OLEANDER!!! Seriously, it was meant to be. 

When Olivia isn't in the studio with me, or a have a big shoot, I can easily move her little station to a corner.  I added a little temporary color to the wall above the table with a couple sheets of Minted's gorgeous wrapping paper in blue and pink. I love this color combo. Blue is not usually a color I play with, but it's a new color I'm trying to add to my mix (remember my Colbalt Blue mood board).  

Oh, and because I know you'll ask, the wall color is from Sherwin Williams as well and the color is Snowbound. It's are really pretty bright white and I used the Emerald line of paint, it covered really well with one coat.  


  1. Super lovely! :)
    May I ask what sheen the wall paint is, flat, satin, etc.?

  2. OMG! I have those chairs ( and the matching table ). They were mine when I was little and my kids used it when they were little. Funny enough.....the table is standing in as my coffee table in the basement until I find 'the' one. Love it in that shade of pink :)


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