Mid Century Sofas You Can Buy Online

I don't know about where you live, but Bakersfield can be a bit of a small town when it comes to shopping for modern home furnishings. I usually end up having to drive a couple hours to LA to find what I really want. It seems obvious that I should be shopping online. But, for someone who doesn't like shopping at a big department store because it's so overwhelming, looking online for a sofa can be super intimidating.  There's just too many choices.  Just like I avoid shopping for clothes at TJ Maxx and even Macy's, but causes there's just too many choices, when online furniture shopping, I like to stick to what I know and trust.  

I love All Modern for home furnishings that match my style and taste. They help narrow the overwhelming online search and leave me with all the good selections.  Their focus is making modern design more accessible.  Searching this one site saves me hours of having to sift through dated florals and tired overstuffed recliners with cup holders.  

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We have replaced our old sofa we a new mid century style sofa to compliment the other pieces in our living room.  I'll give you a hint, it's one of the gorgeous sofas pictured below.  Really I couldn't go wrong with any of these well made sofas.  I chose a grey sofa, because it's my favorite neutral and I don't think that's going to change any time soon.  Each of these sofas feel modern and current to me, but have a hint of mid century styling to add a little vintage funk to any space.  Stay tuned, because I'll be sharing the new living room look very soon.

I'd love to know what you think.  So, which one would you pick for my living room?  Or do you know me well enough that you could guess which one I picked?  Is there one to speaks to you and your style? What's your current favorite neutral?


  1. These are all so great. I'm in search of a grey MCM-vibe sofa, too. I swear, I've spent hours and hours searching online! I really like Wayfair for sofas (which I believe All Modern is a part of). I like #4 for your home's aesthetic. It's modern and casual and I think it would lend itself well to your style of displaying treasures picked up from your travels. It seems pretty versatile.

  2. I can relate. We ordered a gray sofa from Red Door Interior, but we couldn't even try it out until after we bought it. It's kind of the most uncomfortable thing. Looks good, but not fit for our lifestyle. I'm hoping the next gray MCM sectional is more "sleepable".


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