Leaning Bookcase

The old sofa is gone and I'm making some changes to our living room.  This simple, inexpensive addition is really making me happy.  I added a leaning bookcase to the small wall that faces our front door.  It's a pleasant scene to come home to.  

I didn't need to buy anything to fill these shelves except some fresh flowers.  Everything was in my hall closet or different rooms around the house.  I love how this shelf takes up very little space in the room, but gives me plenty of space to display some of my favorite treasures.

Here's the sources (by shelf):

Green pot - thrifted, Woven trays - bought in Papua New Guinea

Dala Horses - Grey one bought in Sweden, white one bought at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, Gold geometric thing - bought at Hobby Lobby and then spray painted gold

Books - just a few from the nerds collection, Bowl - Nate Berkus for Target (Fall 2014)

Vase - Nate Berkus for Target (Fall 2014), White and Mercury Glass Votive - Target (Christmas 2014), Books - more of the nerds collection

Basket - bought in Papua New Guinea, Blanket - vintage, bought in Eureka, CA

I think this is a piece that would work really well in a lot of spaces.  And I love the idea of lining a whole wall with them side by side.  Big or small space, this bookcase feels light and airy.


  1. Adore all your collected treasures from around the world. They make your home so beautiful and unique!

  2. I love it! I want one complete with treasures!

  3. I have 2 leaning bookcases (the discontinued Target Manhattan line) and they really are fantastic. I put some non-skid pads on the feet and I've never had any problems. The one in my bedroom holds all my nerdtastic things. It's great because it doesn't stand out from the wall because of my large baseboards, and it also isn't as visually imposing/heavy. I have had problems with it taking small chunks of paint off (it's Yolo Colorhouse and feels like it never cured as hard as Behr) because of the weight put on the back of the shelves, so I put washi tape on the back corners of the shelves. I love how you styled the shelves, wish I could make mine look this good!

  4. I love the global collection! Especially the basket from Papua New Guinea is stunning. Very inspiring decor!

  5. I have an espresso color leaning bookshelf that I've been wanting to paint white for some time now. Thanks for sharing your styling. I love how you mix Scandi design with treasures you've picked up throughout your travels. I am always torn between the two and always get inspired when you synthesize the two seamlessly.

  6. this fits your home so well. i love having all my "treasures" piled up together like this. fun spot!


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