Dark Green Inspiration

After a few years of the same old same old, I'm ready to change things up a bit.  I've been sharing a lot of pink and blush inspiration for the home, but I'm looking for colors that will compliment it as well.  Green is already my favorite color, so I'd like to play with this gorgeous dark shade of forest/emerald green a bit.  My Green Pinterest board is probably my favorite board of all time.  Here's some striking dark green interiors that have me wanting to experiment with it in my home as well. 

Bathtub and Tile (Via)

Do any of these dramatic greens appeal to you?  What color would you pair with pink/blush and all the grey that is already in my home?  


  1. That bathroom tile!!!! Oh my word, in love.

  2. i can totally see this green in your house! very californian...and with just a touch of blush to keep it from feeling overwhelming. can't wait to see where you go with this inspiration!

  3. The green in the first photo is beautiful.


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