DIY Metal Bead Necklace

I walk through Anthropologie and drool over their amazing necklaces. They are big, bold and unique, but their price tags are beyond my budget.  So, DIYing it is one way I can get one of a kind pieces.  I recently came across these fun metal mesh beads at Joann Fabrics and I knew they would make a great statement piece.

This is the simplest necklace to make.  You'll need one package of the metal beads and about 2 yards of wide sturdy ribbon.  The supplies cost me under $8, that's a reasonably priced necklace.  

Start by tying a not in the middle of the ribbon and then string one bead on either side of that knot. 

Then tie knots on either side of those beads and then add two more beads.  

And repeat the steps from above until all six beads are secured with knots.  Finally, decide on the length of you necklace and tie a simple knot to close the necklace.  Pretty dang easy, right? 

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes it's scary how similar our tastes are. I walked around holding these metal beads in my hand my entire time at Jo Ann. Then decided I was buying too much and put them back. I'm SO GLAD you bought them and made this lovely DIY necklace!! Love it.


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