DIY Holiday Floral Arrangement

I am so excited to be a part of the amazing Merry Magazine, a handmade holiday guide!  If you are in need of inspiration and ideas to give your home, parties, and self some handmade holiday touches, look no further.  Every page is truly captivating and beautifully put together.  So, grab a cup of coffee and soak up all these lovely ideas.  Melissa of The Sweet Escape is the master mind behind this amazing online holiday magazine.  I was flattered to be included with all these top notch bloggers. You are in for a treat friends.        

Fresh florals for the holidays can be easy and inexpensive.  I filled my new favorite head vase with grocery store florals to create a festive and playful centerpiece. Freesia is probably the best smelling flower out there, it's perfume fills the room. Freesia, evergreen branches, red berries, a pinecone and pom pom flowers painted metallic gold make up this simple DIY arrangement.

Start with the evergreen branches.  These were gathered from my yard.  Place the majority of them on one side of the vase and just one branch on the opposite side. 

Next, wire a pinecone or two to the branches.

Add the freesia, cutting them at different heights and arranging them somewhat sporadically throughout the vase. 

Finally, add the red berries to fill in all the wholes and empty spots.

I sprayed 3 of the yellow pom pom flowers with Design Master metallic gold paint. My local florist told me that this would also preserve these and I would be able to use them forever.  They look pretty great painted gold.  Place two on one side of the arrangement and the third on the other side.


  1. How exciting Jeran! I love your arrangement, the best vase choice ever - xoxo

  2. Beautiful arrangement! Where would I find a lovely head vase like that?


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