Table Runner Made with Nate Berkus Fabric

As soon as I heard that Nate Berkus had a new fabric line at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I was in my car heading to the store.  You guys, Nate knows what he's doing.  I know this would be fabric I couldn't resist.  Yep, Nate gets me, grey triangles, yes please!!!!

I bought 1 yard and made a long table runner for my new dining room table in about 30 mins.  I cut the yard in half and joined the fabric in the center of the runner (if I made it without the join, I would have had to have bought over 2 yards).  It's a busy enough pattern that I don't think you even notice the seam in the middle.  Because this fabric has a very linear pattern, I followed the lines and cut an extra 2 inches on all sides, this left my room for a nice wide hem.  I turned the fabric under twice to give a clean finish.  This is just what my table needed.  I love the bold, geometric pattern.  Thank you Nate!

Here's a look at some of the other great patterns and colors in Nate's line.

Maybe I need more yellow in my life!

And I'd be more then happy to have all three of these black and white combos in my home.  

P.S. This is not an ad or a sponsored post.  I just really love Nate and everything he designs.


  1. Oh yeh, I'll be picking up some of this stuff (just as soon as I'm not up to my ears in back-to-school)!

  2. Oh my, those patterns. Loooove.

  3. darling idea! that fabric really ties your dining room design together!

  4. Wow, this fabric is gorgeous! I LOVE the way it looks with your little fox and that amazing candleabra you found!


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