60s Themed Birthday Party

A couple weeks ago we celebrated my mom's 60th birthday with a 60s themed party.  My mom is the queen of entertaining and making fabulous meals for crowds.  She has a generous heart and serves her community and family all the time.  She deserved to be spoiled and honored.  We had the party on the front porch and lawn of my parent's gorgeous Northern California home.  

In the 60s tradition, I served fondue for the meal.  We had traditional Swiss and white wine fondue and a spicy bacon chipolte fondue with lots of yum veggies, breads and meat to dip.  And for dessert, there was more fondue, Chocolate and also a peanut butter fondue with homemade vanilla bean and blackberry marshmallows, brownies, cake, and and lots of fruit.

We also dressed in period clothing and did a murder mystery throughout the evening.  The characters and costumes were very entertaining.  

60 looks pretty darn good!

For the table decor, I placed air plants in hot pink sand on some simple squares of fabric that I tie dyed in green. 

Do you think these two enjoyed the chocolate fondue?

All the gorgeous paper products came for Party Pail.  This is my new favorite go-to party supply store for all the basics.  I chose Hot Magenta Pink and Emerald Green for the party palette. 

Lots of fun sodas from World Market.  I bought everything they had in green and pink.  I think I had about 15 different flavors for the guests to choose from.

Yes, this girl enjoyed herself.

Some of the crazy cast from the murder mystery.

Using green chevron treat cups from Party Pail, I made a quick and easy set of party string lights.

You will need as many treat cups as there is lights on your string.  Mine had 24.  Turn the cups over and cut an X in the middle of the cup with an x-acto knife. Then bend the pieces into the bowl.  Remove the bulb from the string and fit the base into the cup, then put the bulb back in.  So simple, but a whole bunch of festive fun.

All paper party products were provided by Paper Pail

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  1. Looks like a great party! Linda


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