Midcentury Dining Room Table and New Chairs

So, about 2 months ago.  I decided to sell my dining room table and chairs.  This was our first real dining room table and chairs that we bought 11 years ago.  We bought it out of necessity and it was the right price. It has totally served us well, but I was ready for something new or old (as it turns out).  You know, sometimes your taste just changes.  

Well, I found a Swedish made midcentury dining room table and chairs at a local antique mall and decided I needed to sell mine in order to buy the new one. And, it sold right away, to a friend.  So, I went back to take a better look at the table and decided that the chairs were a little wobbly and and I didn't want to deal with tightening chairs for years.  So, we were without a table.  But then when I was in San Diego a couple weeks later and did a little craigslist hunting and found this gorgeous Danish Mid Century table for just $350 (and actually he took $300 for it).  It really is too good to be true.  It's in mint condition, no water marks or scratches and I LOVE it.  And it's teak!

So, now to find chairs to go with it.  I've always love these bent wood chairs from West Elm.  I love that they stack and I'm just drawn to the modern, sleek shape.  I bought one and brought it home to see if I liked the two together.  And I think I do.  The colors are not exactly the same, but I'm ok with that.  So, I think the plan is that I'll buy a total of 4 of the West Elm chairs and 2 of the metal ones.  What do you think of the metal ones on either end of the table?  I like them for the nice color contrast and the casual feel they bring to the room.  My built-ins are pretty formal and we aren't really all that formal.  I want the space to be clean and pretty, but also relaxed.  

With the leaves out.
It's nice and compact with the leaves in.
The leaves slide in under the table top.  No need to store them in the back of a closet.
A better look at the table and chair colors together.
Please excuse the yucky iphone picks I took late in the evening.  My built-ins are actually white, not a nasty yellow like they appear in this picture. 

Really, I want your opinion.  Do these chairs work with the table?  And do the white metal ones on either end make sense?  In my head they do, but I'm weird (I like manikin hands).

Here's another look at the old table.  My new one is going to be pretty great, when I get some chairs.

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  1. awesome find! i think it's such a great mix of formal and casual...can't wait to see everything come together!


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