Land of Nod Photo Shoot in the Desert

When I found out that The Land of Nod was coming to do the girl's room, I offered for them to use Riley, our vintage trailer, to shoot some of their fun camping themed products.  I was so thrilled to see Riley is May's Nod catalogue.  He's famous now!!! I knew he was destined to be a star.

So, I wanted to share a little of the behind the scenes of this shoot.  We spent the day out at Red Rock Canyon State Park, watching the creative genius of Nod at work.  It was such a fun experience for me.  I loved watching all this creativeness at work, from the stylists to the photographers to the creative directer.  I was just enjoying soaking up all their knowledge and expertise.  It's really truly amazing how much work goes into getting these gorgeous shots.  So much thought and attention to detail.

Be sure to head over to Honest to Nod today.  I'm sharing my Homemade Chocolate Graham Cracker recipe there. If you look closely in the shot below, you can see my homemade vanilla bean marshmallows and graham crackers sitting on the bench.

Here's some of the teepee shots.  They brought a whole trailer full of stuff to style these shots, including that cute windmill in the background.

photo credit The Land of Nod

And here's some of the shots of Riley and our family have a little party with Land of Nod party supplies.

photo credit The Land of Nod

The Nod team working their styling magic.

Capturing all these amazing scenes. 

I can't say it enough, thank you Land of Nod for these amazing experiences.  


  1. i loved seeing your darling family in the catalog! such a cute photo shoot!

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh my goodness I adore this! Great photos and I wish I could come over and see Riley. :)

  4. love it all!! could you share the down-low on that awesome mini jar light strand?


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