Friday's Fabulous Five - Easter Eggs

It's Friday!!!! This has been a really long week for me personally.  I've had some tough junk going on in my personal life.  It's all I could do to get up and shower each day and try to take care of my family.  I'm sure you can relate, sometimes life just knocks you down. It's sucked me completely dry of any creative energy. Today I'm feeling hopeful though and ready to carry on.  I've had a few big losses lately, but I also have some really great things to look forward to.  So, here's to the future - it's looking bright and full of promise.

And now, how about some gorgeous Easter Egg projects to inspire?  Be sure to head over to these lovely ladies' blogs and share a little comment love with them.  Have a great weekend friends.  


  1. Oh no, sorry to hear. I hope your losses weren't too big, like a death in the family or something awful! It sounds like the things you are looking forward to far outweigh whatever it is you have lost this week and sounds like you have good priorities. Hope next week is much better for you! You have my sympathy!!!

    Liz 3>

    1. Thanks Liz, no there has been no deaths. Thanks for your concern. I'm focussing on the good and investing in the people that matter most - family.


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