DIY Book Plates with the Makr App

All my creative and organized friends, or friends who want to be creative and organized, you are going to love the Makr app for the Ipad.  You can design and print custom business cards, labels, tags, invites and so much more.  I had so much fun playing with this App.

The first thing I chose to make was something for our book loving family.  I'm kind of sentimental about gifts and want my kids to remember who, where and when they got their books.  I also love to give books to my nieces and nephews for special occasions.  So, instead of writing on the inside covers,  I've designed some fun labels using the Makr app.

The possibilities are endless with trendy patterns, images, shapes, colors and text.  You can start with one of the many pre-made designs and customize it for your specific needs or you can start from scratch and create something uniquely yours.  

I've got a special deal for Oleander and Palm readers –  you can enjoy a free Makr credit AND 20% off a print order! Just register with the referral code GOOLEANDER and enter same code at checkout.

And for all that will ask, the books and pottery are all thrifted.  I spent a total of $5 on all those items.  This is why I love thrifting soooo much.  And the flower is from my garden.  This is my favorite poppy color.  It's getting warm though and I think the poppies are almost done, sniff sniff.

I'm partnering with Makr to bring you this post. 

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  1. I seriously love that color combo of the books and flower - amazing Jeran!


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