Master Bedroom Art Wall

Silver Jambya from Yemen // Feathered Arrows // Framed Bug from PNG // Abstract Triangles

I ordered some art prints for Minted and I LOVE them in my bedroom.  A couple weeks ago I shared how I wanted to add a spruce up our bedroom a bit with some new art prints mixed in with some of our old stuff.  Well, they're up and I love this wall.  The inspiration board tool really helped take the guess work out of grouping these pieces together.  

I threw some green pillows and the LOVE pillow I made on the bed as well, to play with the green in one of the prints and just to add a little color to this very blah color palette.  What do you think?  Are they the wrong green?  Does the splash of color help?  Is there another color that would be better?  So many questions.

They are hung kind of high on the wall, so that I could fit them in over the head board, but I really like how this looks.  It draws your eye up.  I played around with the arrangement for quite awhile, but ended up liking the breathing room between some of these pieces.  By lining up the top row all on the same plain, it made this grouping feel like one complete unit.  What do you think?  Are you ok with my gaps and holes?

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  1. Thank you for your post with the gold sharpie grid wall.You said maybe again on your gray wall. Maybe consider silver, or black, or another brand of marker in a darker gray. your ideas are bold and inspirational.


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