Three Red Head Bloggers You Should Know

Well, I feel like I'm still recovering from my week in Salt Lake City.  What a jam packed week of meeting new and old blog friends, connecting with potential sponsors and going to fabulous parties.  I am so grateful to Collectively for giving me this opportunity to attend Alt Summit again this year.  

Last year I shared with you some bloggers that I thought you should know.  This year I've found 3 fabulous Red Heads you should know.  These talented woman all have very different styles of blogging, but I'm enjoying all three thoroughly and learning new things from them.  And because I spent a few days with them, I can tell you that they are as beautiful and lovely in person as they appear on their blogs.  

Be sure to check out her how-to's and beauty tips.

I love her recipes and canning especially.

Emily of A Flecked Fox
You'll love her amazing hair tutorials.

The best part of Alt is connecting face to face with your online friends.  This year I'll working really hard to connect and collaborate with other bloggers.  February 1st is going to be the start of a fun new collaboration I've been working on.  Get ready for an amazing giveaway called 14 day of LOVE!  Be sure to "like" the facebook page so you don't miss any of the giveaways.  


  1. These are in fact three fabulous redheads … but I think you should have named this 4 fabulous red heads and included yourself! Love you lady and so glad we had a chance to connect this year. You are one amazing lady.


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