Emerald Green Inspiration

What kind of a red head would I be if this wasn't my favorite color?  Every shade of green is perfect and my closet and home it filled with this color of life.

In less then a week, I will be headed to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit 2014!  I am so privileged to get to attend this year.  I really did not think that it was a possibility.  But, I am going as a Correspondent for Collectively.  I am honored to be representing them.  Collectively is a creative marketing agency that helps social media influencers engage in creative collaborations with great brands. This Fall I started working on collaborations through Collectively.  They have given me some really great opportunities to stretch myself creatively and earn income through my blog.  The great thing about Collectively is that they work with influencers of any size--from brand new bloggers to seasoned professionals.  If you are blogger, you'll want to sign up to be apart of the Collectively community, I recommend it.  

Alt is famous for fabulous themed parties that only bloggers could pull off.  This year, the Thursday night party is all green!  Yay, my color!  The only trouble is, I'm struggling to find a dress in this color.  I've searched the Mall and spent lots of hours online.  The more I look for this color, the more I WANT it in my life.  I want emerald shoes, accessories and decor for my home.   I've found a few images to wet your appetite for this hue as well.  But, to be honest, I'm trying to stay true to my blog's motto, Simple California Living, and my theme for the year, Simplify, so I'm looking for creative ways to wear this color without spending a lot of money.  We'll see what I come up with, wish me luck, I'm running out of time.  

I can't wait to meet up with some old friends and make new ones as well.  I am ready to learn and soak up as much knowledge and wisdom from the veterans of blogging as possible.  I'm making a very conscience effort to work on some blogger collaborations this year.  I know that there is power in numbers and I want to push myself creatively and experientially.  Inspired by the color green, the color of new life and growth, I'm hoping for both growth and new life for Oleander and Palm in 2014.  


  1. gorgeous. and such a great color for this time of year...brightens up even the darkest days, without seeming too springy. good luck at alt!

  2. we moved a year ago and I made, "greens" my new accent color. Feels fresh. love the green chair!

  3. I don't know what to say except I am green with envy and still not making any green!!! I have been blogging for a little over a year and so I don't expect much but I would love to get in on a little money making to pay for the domain etc. Can we talk? How can I get my little blog in on all this Collectivity goodness (or should I say GREEN!)?

    1. Yes, my Alt roomie. Let's chat. How about a little facetime or skype after Alt and I can share me wealth of new knowledge with you. :)


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