Better to Give then Receive

I'm back to share more of the Ford Fiesta Movement with you. Last week I shared how I'm trying to find ways for my kids and family to give.  This month Ford's 100 "agents" are taking on the theme of SOCIAL ACTIVISM, and I'm taking inspiration from this theme

I shared how I wanted to provide my kids with opportunities to give. This last week we really had some fun with this. The biggest kick was paying for the person's food in line behind us in the McDonald's drive thru. It ended up being a little old lady who made sure to thank us by way of the employees at the windows.  The kids were so excited!  It was such a simple activity, but I think my kids saw how much better it is to give then to receive.  

They also found some folks to help out with their $2 bills.  It's funny how your eyes can be opened to needs around you when you make a conscience effort to look for them.  Somedays, I can go about my business and not see anyone in need, when there are definitely folks out there.  But, this week I was definitely more sensitive and aware.  It's good to find perspective and to see the blessings in your own life, especially when you see how hard life is some folks. It's fun to see your kids give and realize how much better it is to give.  They've really enjoyed this week's activities.  I think it's really tough to raise kids in such a materialistic world.  I want to raise generous, thoughtful kids.    

We haven't had a chance to take hot coffee to the homeless, but it's on my mental list and I'll definitely being doing it soon.

Be sure to check out some of the Ford agent videos for this month's theme.  I love this idea of a toy drive and this idea of helping out local seniors.

This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my participation. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. How sweet. I usually make gift bags for the Nursing Home here. I check ahead of time and get a list of names and health issues so not to give them things they can not eat, etc. I also take my beagle for a visit once a month. It always seems to cheer them up to have my Bailey come visit,

    Way to Go Mom for teaching them such a valuable lesson


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